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    The Master Pro Karate Association is a joint partnership with the Maryland Professional Karate Association, Inc.  [MPKA]. “MPKA welcomes these affiliate members whose values are closely related to our own. These schools have demonstrated their desire to set aside past grievances and discriminations between styles and join together for the betterment of the martial arts.”  

Our Mission

    Since so many from around the United States and across the world desire to be affiliated with us we have decided that we need an organization that would honor all instructors [teachers], styles, states and countries that would reflect upon and give credit to all these dedicated folks, martial arts styles and organizations.

   The word ‘Karate’ in this title is just a generic term that is easier for the general public to understand and relate to.  Many do not understand the various style names and arts. Words like; ‘Ju Jitsu, Aikido, Goju Ryu, Etc… are foreign to them but, everyone has heard the word karate.

   There are many fine martial arts clubs and organizations throughout the world. We prefer not to be just another organization. Our purpose is to have martial artists join together in unity as brothers and sisters. We want to communicate with each other in person or by e mail, to give encouragement, to learn how the other person thinks, to pick up new ways of doing things, to see how we can help each other, and just to say hello.

   Master Pro Karate Association will be known as the ‘Master Plan’. We will only accept qualified Black Belts into our group. As you log onto the Maryland web site you will notice that my values are what some may call ‘old fashioned’. In fact, I have even been called a dinosaur. I still believe that a firm handshake and eye contact can form a bond of trust and honor between two people.

   The Master Pro web site will permit those who are teaching at a small club, religious institution, community center, or even in a park to be recognized and honored. You can place your biography here along with your style information, contact information, and location. For those who already have a web site we can simply link together.

   Let it be known that each individual instructor will be given a background check. You must have a clean record, good morals, and be dedicated to helping others to grow and mature with confidence and progress that is beneficial to their well-being.

   We teach the martial arts as a science, and even though one can do fabulous things with their mind and body there is an earthly limit. We are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, to abstain from drugs, and to practice ‘what we preach’. We are role models, whether we like it or not. You never know that when you think it is safe to come out of your role model mode that there is someone who knows you, a student, parent, or friend. It only takes one small error to destroy what it took you years to build upon.

   I remember many years ago that when I first got into the arts that I was told that the style that I am learning is the best style, and all others were just plain wrong. Then I discovered that others believed that they had the deadliest punch and strongest kicks. Tournaments were atrocious as cheating ran rampant. I even witnessed on more than one occasion fighting in the stands. Thank goodness that hopefully those days are gone forever. I also have learned that to progress I have to keep an open mind. If you do something that I like I am going to borrow it [on a permanent basis].

   One of my favorite saying is, “I know what I know, I want to know what you know’. As I write this mission Statement I am 70 years of age. I am still in the learning stage, even after 40 years in the arts. A while back one of my seven year old students made a statement about something I was showing him which stopped me in my tracks. I thought. “Why didn’t I think of that”. Well, it is now part of our system. “A little child shall lead them”.

   We desire to build the Master Plan along family lines. We may not always agree with each other, but we must agree to respect the others opinions. We all come from various backgrounds, were raised with certain beliefs, and lead different lives. What is the saying, “Don’t judge a person until you have walked in his/her shoes”.

   We must also accept the fact that the martial arts can never have standardized rules simply because the arts are so varied and different from each other. Each instructor must operate his/her art, club, school and organization with what works best for them, and that is a very good thing. Variation and diversity promote growth.

   The bottom line is that each instructor must search his/her heart as to why they are teaching the arts in the first place. Why do we venture outside on a cold rainy winters evening, or very hot afternoon to go to class and teach while others are nestled comfortably in their homes? What are your goals? Just what do you really want to accomplish? I believe that the answers are simple, and something that we all can agree upon. We do this thing because we want to help others.

    If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of the Master Plan contact our web master who is located on our web site;  There will be many benefits as we move along and grow. You will receive a beautiful, full color certificate that you can proudly display. So what is the cost of all this? For now it is just that we support, honor, and love each other.

    Thank you.

Note: I am a people person and an idea man. I have the ability to create, motivate, and innovate. The reason for my success is that I can get others to think and to add to what was started. With your input the Master Plan can develop and grow as you decide that it should.

    This concept is called the Master Mind, which I wrote about in 'Riding the Wind' book. Simply put, it is many minds pursuing the same goals attuned to each other that merge into one Master Mind. The ideas begin to flow freely. The final concept becomes a plan of action. No one really remembers who started the idea, but everyone realizes that something dynamic has been created, something that no one else thought of.

    This is the purpose of creating The Master Pro Karate Association, everyone teaching their own art as they desire to do so, but also everyone supporting the efforts of other members. There is strength in unity, and there is comfort in knowing that none of us are alone. We all can have satisfaction and total confidence that there are many other martial artists who care about each one of us, and who really want us all to succeed.

    Our competition is not among each other. Just ride by any school athletic field in good weather and notice the hundreds of competitors and players out on those fields. Also notice that the parking areas are jammed packed with spectator’s cars. There is your competition. We need to get these people into our martial arts classes.

    The Maryland Professional Karate Association has trained over 8000 students since 1971. We have touched the lives of thousands more parents and families. Now you add this figure with the masses that you have taught and I think that you begin to realize that the numbers are staggering. Just imagine how many more we can influence if we all support each other. That number would pack any pro football stadium.

    The potential is out there. The good that we do for many we could do for multitudes.

    Thank you for your support, for all that you give in time and finances to help your own programs grow, and most importantly, thank you for what you do for the children. Isn’t sharing our talents and skills with the children why we do this thing in the first place?


                         Dr David L. Grosscup



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“MPKA welcomes these affiliate members whose values are closely related to our own. These schools have demonstrated their desire to set aside past grievances and discriminations between styles and join together for the betterment of the martial arts under one banner.”  

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